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Swat Museum

Swat Museum

Swat, an amazing place to visit is situated in Pakistan in the region of Khyber Pakhtun Khawa KPK. Mingora is the main town of Swat. It is a magnificent place having great art, culture and the most beautiful sites. This amazing place is surrounded with the tall mountains, cluster of green trees and the shining water. The language spoken there is Pashto. Swat has population of about 1.2 million. An amazing place to visit is the Malam Jabba, a beautiful area at a great height, in the Karakoram Range. Unfortunately in recent years Swat had been the victim of terrorism but now the threat is no more and the people are again attracted towards the beautiful valley of Swat. For this swat is also called “Switzerland of Pakistan”.

To see the art of Swat, tourists are encouraged to visit the beautiful and a historical place called Swat museum. Swat museum is situated in the mid way of the Mingora and the Saidu Sharif. This museum is considered to be a well worth visit, having an ample amount of Ghandhara sculptures and the sites well arranged to describe the Buddha life. Swat museum was constructed in the year 1959 by Wali. Museum building was designed by an Italian named Vittonio Cardi, which was further rebuild through the aids given to Pakistan by Japan. The items in museum are unique and uncommon. Most important Buddhist shrine name Butkara in 2nd century in Pakistan was built by King Asoka. The eminent Swat Museum consist of seven different galleries including the unique pieces of Gandhara sculptures, beads, stones, jewelry, terracotta sculptures, the money they use, weapons which were used in fighting, embroidery, ceramics and other different objects. Further, the people who want to acquire knowledge about Buddhism must visit swat museum as it had an entire section describing the story of Buddhism by the sculptures of Buddha and the objects they used. This is considered to be the prestigious portion of the Swat Museum.

Due to terrorism the museum of Swat was closed but it will re-open soon after the reconstruction of the museum by Italian architecture.



  1. Actually, Im from Pakistan, and to keep the record straight, swat is not apart of Punjab it is a part pukhtoonkhwa.

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