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Sutlej River

Sutlej River

Sutlej River is one of those rivers, which are located in the province of Punjab. Among these five popular rivers of Punjab, Sutlej is considered as the largest. The river flows in both India and Pakistan and also makes its way through Punjab’s crossroad region. Sutlej River originates from Himalayan’s North Slope in Tibet. It joins River Chenab at Bahawalpur and River Beas before entering the border between India and Pakistan. After that these three rivers join Panjnad and then continue their journey towards Arabian Sea. Sutlej totally discharges its water through Indus River to the end of port Qasim which is situated in Karachi, Sindh.

Before entering Pakistan, the river flows through places like Himachal Pradesh, Sarhan, Nako, and Kalpa. The river helps the people of Punjab a lot in serving as the source of water and irrigates most of the land. The other name of Sutlej River is ‘Red River. The water of this river was distributed to India and Pakistan according to Indus Basin Treaty. Various dams had been built on this river to make more and more energy. In history the Vedic Period is world known and the river also belongs to that era in which it was called as Sutudri.

On Sutlej’s bank various beautiful valleys like Machhiwara, Koom Kalan, and Beholpur are found. The extensive use of Sutlej’s water is made in the villages near it. At summertime, the beauty of ice melting and Sutlej’s fascinating flowing water is worth seeing. Tourists visit this place mostly in summertime because it gives a convincing experience to tourists of the world. The rewarded steps of nature make their visit more adventurous with breathtaking scenes and beautiful greenery. Sutlej River also gives a place to wild life and various birds migrate to this river side at a particular time of migration.

The peaceful region around this river makes your visit to River Sutlej more soothing and calm. The banks of this river are best for Nature lovers and wild-life enthusiasts. Himalayan mountains feed this river with water at summertime and the heavy rain at that time is the best thing about this river.

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