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Sundar Industrial Estate

Sundar Industrial Estate

Sundar Industrial Estate (SIE) was inaugurated in February 2007. This industrial estate is spread over an area of 1700 acres. Sundar industrial estate was imagined to be the “island of facilitation in the sea of harassment” and it is the first project to be assigned to Pakistan Industrial Estates (PIE). Behind the development of this industrial estate, the objective was to provide a place to industrialists where their issues can be handled and solved through “one window operation”. Right now, in production, there are 255 factories and by the December 2013, more around 190 factories are expected to join the production.

Sundar Industrial Estate is located on Sundar Raiwind Road that is 45 KM from the center of Lahore. This industrial estate is developed by keeping the international standards in view. During the development of SIE Pakistan Industrial Estates ensured the availability of some features, by doing this PIE made this industrial estate comparable to any modern industrial estate in the world. SIE has underground sewerage and electricity distribution system. It is a walled industrial estate with the high security arrangements and limited entry and exit points make it more secure. Estate has its own emergency medical services and hospital so in case of emergency works could get aid in time.

Estate has high-pressure gas pipelines, portable water and modern telecommunication system. SIE has its own fully equipped fire station, mosques and petrol stations. All these features make this industrial estate a perfect and secure place to join for a business and establish industrial unit here. Almost all the plots here have been sold. Some of the plots here are unoccupied some are vacant by the customers willingly and some are cancelled by the management. As per the waiting list made by the company, vacant plots are re-allotted to the customers.

Many industrial units are planted here. Industries here include food processing industry, chemical industry, paint industry, plastic industry, paper and board industry, textile industry, steel industry, auto part industry, wood products industry, pharmaceutical industry and many other industries.

Plots here vary in the size. Sizes of plots here range from 0.5 acres to 5 acre. Most of the plots here in size are ½ acre to 2 acre. Industrial plots are spread over 1700 acres and the remaining area is being utilized for infrastructure, roads, green belts, utilities and commercial areas.

By developing such industrial estates, Pakistan could be stand among the other industrial countries and these industrial estates would help Pakistan to be a strong country with strong economy.


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