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Summer Bahisht mango

Summer Bahisht mango

Summer Bahisht mango when heard simply goes in love with this ultimate variety of nature.  It is a mango cultivator that is produced in various areas of the world. Almost hundreds of varieties of mangoes exist today but Summar Bahist has gained significant importance among all these. In Urdu Sammar means fruit and the word Bahist means Paradise or heaven. It gets hold of this title due to its pleasurable taste. Sammar Bahist mango is mostly produced in different regions of Pakistan. Multan, Sahiwal and other regions of Sindh are renowned for producing Summer Bahisht mango. As it distinguishes from other species of mango it is exported a lot all around the world especially to Europe, USA and the Middle East.


It is a medium size fruit with a slightly flattened based and have equal shoulders. The skin of this mango is greenish yellow and has yellowish pulp inside. Sammar Bahist is very sugary and has pleasant taste and aroma. It is sparsely fibrous. It has a good shelf life when ripened and peels off easily. Its ripening period starts from July and goes till August. It mostly came from an incomparable chance seedling within Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh in India.



This mango mostly comes with slightly squashed base and has identical shoulders. It has a rich yellow pulp and greenish yellow skin. Number of variety of mangoes are available all around the globe, usually some are found that are rich in taste and are produced within the subcontinent while some are produced in South Asian countries. Pakistan has also gained distinct importance for producing various and very appetizing Sammar Bahist mangoes, as it is bestowed with suitable climate and physical area.


Like all other mangoes this mango is also used in various recipes and is laden with multiple nutritional values as it contains fiber, fat, iron, Vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, folate, magnesium, zinc, potassium, dietary fiber, phosphorous and many more in a excellent amount. This marvelous variety of nature has distinguished qualities and is enjoyed by all and sundry as this mango is one of its kinds. Sammar Bahist!!! Must enjoy it, if its summers going on then go ahead and get in love with this amazing variety of mango.


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