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Student Biryani

Student Biryani

Karachi being the business and cultural hub of Pakistan gave birth to many delicacies and marvels we all enjoy and savor. Among them is Student Biryani; known to all of us (Pakistanis that is). Even though countless people enjoy the meals served at the Student Biryani outlets everyday there are just some who know where and how it all began. Back in 1969 Haji Mohammad Ali started his own business in the shape of a rairhi (mobile shop). Biryani being one of the most popular dishes among the locals was high in demand but not much of the cafes and restaurants used to serve it. It proved to be an ideal time for Haji Mohammad Ali to test the market and sell this local delicacy and it really did prompt him.

The Biryani served by him was prepared by his family at home with their own recipe and home brewed spices. Giving it more of a home feeling for all we know that dishes prepared in bulk don’t have a homemade feeling that we crave and following the position of his business it got him a really leveraged marketing position. The epicenter of several educational institutes; the business of Haji Mohammad Al grew because students wanted something healthy away from home. And so they got it. Countless students went to him every day and munched on those tasty rice cooked with the love and care of your mother.

Initially a small Dhaaba Student Biryani has evolved into a multi-millionaire food chain all across Karachi and now to Lahore. In the beginning it was just a small dhaaba with a bamboo roof and wooden pillars and the staff limited only to Haji Mohammad Ali and his elder sons. They used to have only one tumbler which served 40 people per day they are serving hundreds of customers. Targeting mainly students it is known as the Student Biryani but the whole business is actually called Café Student. One could be amazed to see where the Café Student is today. From just a Dhaaba to one of the most acclaimed Biryani centers in Pakistan with a centralized call center for receiving home delivery requests; Café student has gone through a lot to give us that spicy savory biryani. This dish served with the care of the female gender and at a really economical price this Biryani helps students feed themselves and save money while they are at it.


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