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Stone Crafts Jewellery

Stone Crafts Jewellery

Pakistan is famous for the handicrafts it produces, which are famous in all over the world. Wood carving, metal crafting and ceramic making are the important areas of these handicrafts. But the most important area is of stone crafting. Pakistan is enriched with many kinds of minerals. So, gemstones are also found in a huge quantity in this country.

These stones are utilized in making jewelry and they enhance the looks of a particular object. The flourishing textures made on these stones look so elegant and create immense magic. This handicraft made with Pakistani hands has their own importance not only in our country, but in outer countries as well.

Stone jewelry plays a role of a special item in the accessories of women. This handicraft of stone jewelry is famous for its wide range of styles. Moreover, women of Pakistan love to wear this delicate handwork. The stones are shaped so precisely that every corner of the stone looks proper and finished. The crafters make this jewelry with proper skills and techniques. This stone crafting is also an important occupation of people of Pakistan. This Pakistani crafting is appreciated by other people and these crafts are placed in different local as well as foreign exhibitions to present the culture of Pakistan.

The stones used in making these crafts are of different types. This work of making stone jewelry is being done from many centuries as it was also worn by the women of Moenjo Daro. This tells you that how old this occupation is. These stones can be treated in many ways. Apart from shaping, various colors are also added to the stones to make them look more beautiful. The sizes of these stones used in making these stone crafts also vary. These stones can be used in making necklaces, bracelets anklets, earrings and rings.

The work of stone crafting is done with great interest in the northern parts of Pakistan and the province of Baluchistan. In previous days, the style of stone jewelry was according to that fashion and as time passed, variations were given to that style, but the trend of stone jewelry is evergreen. Many kinds of stones and minerals are shaped with different techniques to give them finished look. Moreover, the techniques used in this crafting are unique and are really famous among all the countries of sub-continent. Pakistani craftsmen create these pieces of craft with hard work by using their best crafting skills that is why these stone crafts of jewelry are famous among the people of Pakistan.

There are many fashion lines launched, which are totally specified for this stone jewelry. So, you can get this natural stone jewelry from any jewelry store.

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