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Squash is one of the well played sports in Pakistan, which brought fame, respect and recognition for the country at national and international levels. Since the beginning of this game in 1950, Pakistan enjoyed the top level positions and remarkable achievements among the countries of the world.

The first person who started playing squash in Pakistan was Hashim Khan, he belong to a village. Before partition he used to work as coach in the British Army, however after partition he joined Pakistan Air Force as a coach.

It is a fact when ever one talk about sports in Pakistan, two games comes to mind, hockey or cricket. Hockey which is the national game of Pakistan is promoted and highlighted everywhere, while Cricket having a large number of fans and followers is one of the favorite sports of Pakistani viewers. But it is also a ground reality that the domination, fame, popularity Pakistan earned through Squash for five decades consecutively , no other country have ever enjoyed such victory in any sport for such long span of time.

Just like other sports federations and organizations, Squash is also played under established organization. Pakistan hosted and organized a number of Squash Tournaments internationally. It is also responsible for the training and development of this ever winning and renowned game. There are many Squash training centers established and operating in the country for training and promotion of this sport.

The boom period of Pakistan Squash victories was between 50’s and 90’s, when the top players were Jahangir Khan and Jansher Khan. During these decades of outstanding performance and winning badges by Squash Team, Pakistan won 30 British Open Titles and 14 World Open Titles. The other high scores and squash stars of Pakistan are: Azam Khan, Roshan Khan, Mo Khan and Qamar Zaman.

The downfall of Squash in Pakistan started with the defeat of Jansher Khan in the British Open Final. Since this defeat Squash could not make much progress and didn’t win any remarkable title.


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