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Common Wealth Games


Pakistan is known as a country that loves the sports and has captured many distinguish titles in the world of sports. These titles have been won by the players of Pakistan as individuals and as a team too in different sports categories in International level, such as in the Olympics games and in the commonwealth games, etc. Although in the ... Read More »

Pakistan Cricket Board – PCB


Pakistan Cricket Board was founded in 1948, soon after the independence of Pakistan. PCB is a supporting body, formed for sports related activities specifically, cricket. It is responsible for all kind of crocket matches at international and professional level, which includes test matches and one day international matches in Pakistan. PCB was renamed to BCCP (Board of Control for Cricket in ... Read More »

Pakistan Tennis Federation


Tennis is a very interesting sport played vitally in Asia, Europe, US and many other countries, gathering a large number of fans and followers. It has a certain type of viewership since the game teaches consistency, patience and to strive hard. It is played in a court not in open space; the area is separated by net into two equal ... Read More »

Ju-Jitsu The Gentle Art


The character jitsu means method or art, while the first character juis usually translated as gentleness pliability or flexibility, Ju-Jitsu. The origin and development of jujitsu is open to much debate. However, the historians seem to agree that ju jitsu derived from ancient Asian styles of hand to hand combat. Ju-Jitsu means ‘flexible science’ and this is the key to success for today’s ... Read More »



The PJJF is the Pakistani forum for Ju-Jitsu where the National Official Sport Authorities can debate issues related to the practice of Ju-Jitsu in order to establish International Programmes and activities, and in order to elect the institutions, which will implement them. As PJJF is Full Member of GAISF (General Assembly of International Sports Federations) and IWGA (International World Games Association) ... Read More »

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