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Pakistan is a country that has countless religious and cultural festivals. It has four provinces and each has some of its unique traditions and festivals. Baluchistan is a province of Pakistan and its capital is Quetta. Quetta is the city that is famous as the Fruit Garden of Baluchistan. This city has the capability to produce a variety of plants ... Read More »

Eight World Records of Pakistan

national anthem world record pakistan

Punjab Youth Festival is one of the world’s biggest festivals. This festival is held yearly in the Punjab a province of Pakistan. The purpose of this festival is to provide the positive environment and opportunities of creative activities to the youth. By taking part in such festivals, youth can learn how to be creative, hard working, achieve targets and their ... Read More »

Legendary Cricketers of Pakistan


Our motherland ‘Pakistan’ has given us many cricketers’ who increased the pride of our nation. Though, many people have taken part in playing cricket for Pakistan, but there are some legendary players who played for the first time for their motherland and whom we cannot forget. Such players are true symbol of pride in the game of Cricket for Pakistan. ... Read More »

History of cricket in Pakistan


The cricket team of Pakistan appeared for the first time in the cricket scene in the year 1952 in a test match. History of Cricket in Pakistan has evolved to one of the victorious cricket teams in the present world. After the India and Pakistan division in 1947, the people of Pakistan established their own nation and started encouraging the ... Read More »

Participation of Pakistan in Olympic Games- An Overview

Pakistan's Olympic team follow their national flag-bearer Zeeshan Ashraf during the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

Olympic is the most prestigious games of the world. This is just like a dream come true when a player represent their country in the Olympic Games. For some players the participation in the Olympics games are enough, but the hunger to reached at the victory stand and raise the country’s flag near some players are much important than just ... Read More »

Chess! The Brain Game


Chess is a brain game, a competition between two brains, a game that concludes with a very little physical effort from both of the players. They just need to move their hands while playing chess, but their brains are in full throw in thinking and making interesting and wonderful moves that how to beat his or her opponent. Although chess ... Read More »

Participation of Pakistan in Asian Games


Asian Games, also known officially as Asiad, is an event of multi-sport activities which is held after every four years. Athletes of the Asian continent participate in this event. Asian Games have been hosted by nine nations of the continent as yet. Total of 44 different sports have been played in the history of Asian Games which includes the Games ... Read More »



Introduction Boxing is a kind off a combat sport that played all over the world. There are two participants in a boxing match and fight against each other with their fists. A referee within the ring supervises the boxing contest. There are some ways to decide the winner of a match that includes! Knockout If an opponent is not able ... Read More »



Games are being played everywhere in the world. In every game one team wins and the other lose. Hockey is one of the sports which is the most favorite game of Pakistani’s and it is being played all around the world. Pakistan has a hockey team consisted of 16 players. One player is a goal keeper which saves the ball ... Read More »



Snooker is a game which is played on a green board. The board has fours pockets and there are 15 reds balls, one yellow ball, one green ball, one blue ball, one black ball, one brown ball and one pink ball. The rule of the game is firstly the red ball is potted and then any colored ball is potted. ... Read More »

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