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Sports Industry

Sports Industry

Sports is played in every city of every country of the world and there are number of different sports from which some particular sports are famous in each country but to play any sport the sport goods related to that sport is required like bat and ball is required for playing cricket, tennis racket and ball for playing tennis so these sport’s goods are of course need to be manufactured by someone and that someone is sports industry. There is an industry to manufacture everything so is for sport’s goods and this is one of those industries that earn great revenue each year because of the popularity of every sport.

When it comes to sports industry and manufacturing of items of sports then one name that comes first is of the country Pakistan. Pakistan is one of the greatest exporters of sports items. In Pakistan every sport item is manufactured and these are produced at the best quality, which is the reason Pakistan is recognized in the world for its sports goods. Almost all the goods of sports are exported outside the Pakistan because there is a very high demand of Pakistan’s goods of sports in every country of the world.

In Pakistan almost all sports related items are produced but the famous products are soccer ball, cricket bat, cricket ball, tennis ball and some other items too. Sports industry of Pakistan has even manufactured the soccer ball for the FIFA World cup of the year 1994; this shows that how demanding the sports industry of Pakistan is in the world market of sports goods. The sports industry of Pakistan lies in the city of Sialkot which is a part of the province of Punjab. All the items of sports of the best quality are manufactured in the city of Sialkot and sports industry in Sialkot is the main factor of Sialkot’s economy as it earns great profit from it due to the high demand of sports good in international market.

It is not just the items of sports that are required within the game are produced in the sports industry of Pakistan but also all other goods related to the sports are also produced in the sports industry of Pakistan like sports bags, sports jackets, sports cap and all other items that are related to the sports but are not the part of the game on the field or in the court.

Sports industry of Pakistan is actually famous for its quality work and the reason of this quality work is that most the sports items are handmade so it gives perfection to the product of sports and as these are mostly handmade so they can easily be made by the small scale industries that are situated in Sialkot. Due to this reason there is no particular brand that is famous or no particular manufacturer that is famous in the sports industry of Pakistan. As the work is of high quality so there is also no particular place where these sports goods are exported, any country can ask for the sports goods anytime. It is all according to the season and Pakistan is good at producing all seasonal sports items.


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