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Sohail Ahmed

Sohail Ahmed

When we talk about, why the satellite television is being watched in the villages of Pakistan nowadays?

What converts a serious hardcore political content into a humorous touchy subject?

How a Political satire can bring social change & how it suddenly converts the mindset of a viewer?

How International audience became addict with Political Satire of Pakistan?

The answer comes in mind with a name and that is Sohail Ahmed AKA Azizi of Hasb –e- Haal, who addresses local, social and political issues of Pakistan in such a manner so that it not only entertain but also clears the if’s and but’s from a viewer’s brain.

Sohail Ahmed, the icon and trend setter was born in Gujranwala, a city of Punjab Pakistan which was familiar due to its food and now the city residents also proudly claim that Azizi is the son of their soil.


Sohail Ahmed Born and raised in a very educated and strict family. His father Mian Muhammad Akram was D.S.P Gujranwala while his grand father Dr. Fakeer Muhammad was a philanthropist known as BABA –E- PUNJABI due to his research work and more then 40 books he wrote  in Punjabi which includes well researched & claimed to be original stories of Famous Sufi of the sub-continent Baba Bulleh Shah and Waris Shah. His three brothers chose education and journalism as their career but Sohail Ahmad was the only one who opted acting as a profession.


Due to Police service, his Father was very strict and didn’t allow and opposed Sohail to choose acting as a career & suggested him to become a doctor but this was Sohail Ahmad, the consistent one who never took back the step which resulted him leaving home for around two years or so. In this period, once Sohail had to attend his own sister’s wedding secretly. After that with the help of friends & family, his father was convinced and sohail made his way back to home.

 azizi firdous

As per Sohail Ahmed, his first introduction with television was due to his grand father’s lectures which provoked the actor residing inside him. He got failed in his F.S.C pre medical examinations for which the reason to him was his first ever watched Movie named Takht yaTakhta”, after watching the movie he decided to became an actor and till now he never looked back.


Sohail’s first appearance as an actor was in Theater of Gujranwala in 1984 with the pioneer of theater in Gujranwala city known as Baba Shahid Ejaz. This person taught Sohail a lot about acting and performance.With acting, he also continued his education on his brother’s insistence with leaving science went for and then honors in Urdu.


Sohail left Gujranwala Theater because of audience behavior and moved to Lahore in 1998 and here he got his new mentor Fakhri Ahmad who was a big fish of Lahore stage those days. Sohail got his first leading role in Punjabi play named JamalaTay Kamala”. This play went successfully and Sohail become an attention getter for Lahore Theater. After that, he gave so many hits so that everybody knows Sohail Ahmad.


Now it was time to go for Television, he started his TV career with a serial named Fishaar for PTV where he played a negative role and like theater from his very first performance, he became popular and was noticed as leading TV Stars.


After having experience in theater & TV, he went for movie again, started film career with a negative role & the film was “Gori Diyaan Chanjraan from where he got offer by a leading producer to get contract of 10 Movies in leading role but for that, he had to leave theater so he refused stating theater his passion. In his passion once, he was seriously injured while performing & got back injury, which is still there.

Sohail Ahmed not only performed, he actually experienced & improvised many versatile roles and explored his skills so intelligently, which makes him different from others.

Here we got some of his performances from stage followed by TV & films respectively so that you know how experienced & talented he is:



  1. Ek Jhoot Aur Sahi
  2. Baba Daang
  3. Topi Drama
  4. Aashiqo Gam Na Karo
  5. Sooey Laal
  6. Shabash Begum
  7. Double Swari
  8. Swaa Ser
  9. Wonderful
  10. No Tension
  11. Fika In Amrika
  12. Ketchup
  13. AndazApnaApna
  14. MianBiwi Aur Chor
  15. Nizam Saqa
  16. Shartia Mithay
  17. Kali Chaadar
  18. Kotha
  19. Ik Tera Sanam Khana
  20. Bara Maza Aye Gaa 1
  21. Bara Maza Aye Gaa 2
  22. Methi Baryani
  23. Nawab Zada
  24. Jab Daag Nazar Aaya 1
  25. Jab Daag Nazar Aaya 2
  26. Kuch na kaho 1
  27. Kuch na kaho 2
  28. Love Spot
  29. Roti khol dayo 1
  30. Roti khol dayo 2
  31. Tetlee
  32. Garam Garam
  33. Ishq Hua Chori Chori
  34. Hot Pot
  35. Sohni Lag Di
  36. Allah Waris
  37. Baran Masalay
  38. Darbaar Lagao-Part 2
  39. Kuriyan Munday Chalbaaz
  40. Teray Piyar Main Jani
  41. Wailey Masroof
  42. Fika In London
  43. Bajaay Waloun Ki Baraat-Part 2
  44. Deewanay Mastanay
  45. Kaali Chadar-Part 2
  46. Baba Cable

TV Drama

  • Fishar
  • Shab Deg
  • Kiran
  • Qasmein Kahaniyaan
  • KajalGhar
  • DukhSukh
  • Hawaili
  • Din
  • Reza Reza
  • Man Chale Ka Suada
  • Ranjish
  • Garib-e Shehar
  • Piya Ki Diwani
  • Susar-in-Law
  • Regzar
  • Malangi
  • Juda
  • Cchotey
  • Mashwra Muft Hai
  • Sohail Clinic
  • Saray Gamay
  • Shaam
  • Chuban
  • Khuda Gavah


  1. Gori Diyaan Chanjraan
  2. Lakhan
  3. Qanoon Apna Apna
  4. Tezab
  5. Kismat
  6. Umar Mukhtar

Talk Shows & Documentaries

  1. 2 Tok (Talk Show)
  2. Nawan Nakor (First Pakistani Art Movie on Silver Screen)
  3. Poetry of IQBAL (A documentary produced by London Arts Council)
  4. Hasb-E-Hall from Dunya TV

sohail Ahmed-tamgha Imtiaz.jpg

He played every character in every role from comedy to serious; from Killer to Feudal lord so genuinely so that critics even call him Guru of acting and because of that he got following Awards:


  • PTV Award 1998
  • Bolaan Award
  • Tamgha-e-Imtiaz 2003


He was also an active member of Punjab Arts council and raised his voiced against vulgarity in theaters so many times. He is a true artist and still promoting art in form of mentoring to new comers in industry. He got a huge fan following and in an Interview Daler Mehdi famous Indian singer & composer confessed that he is a big fan of Sohail Ahmad.

An artist like Sohail Ahmed is born in centuries and as a true patriot whatever he is doing in the role of Azizi, that can never be repaid. May Allah give him more energy to entertain & educate masses.

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