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Snake Charmer- Spaira

Snake Charmer- Spaira

Snake charming is mostly an activity when the snake is compelled to dance on the tunes of music. There are no authentic ways to proof the origination of the “Snake Charming” but still it is said to have been first seen in Ancient Egyptian sources.

The earlier charmers were said to be highly educated men and one part of their study that completed their education was snake charming. Snake charming is very famous in Pakistan too. Snake charmers in modern times earn their money by training a snake to dance to their tunes. They have special baskets made for this purpose containing the snakes. Usually the snake is contained inside clothe and only revealed once it is to perform for the audience.

The snake charmer is quite a character in him wearing special beads, having a turban on the head, wearing decorated earrings, and necklaces of different sorts. Many of these snake charmers also have healing powers and even in modern times make as well as sell medicines.  Many governments in the past have also used snake charmers to attract customers to their countries. The instrument that is used by snake charmer is made of gourd and commonly called “been”, while the snake charmer in Urdu is known as sapera. The most preferred specie of snake that is used by the charmers or saperas is the Cobra. However, many new Saperas are also using other breeds as well subject to the availability. There is a special training process without which the snake charmer will never bring his animal to the public. And in most cases the snake has been de-fanged but still experts believe that public is cautioned not to get too close to the snake. Snake charmer is considered an important part of our forgotten culture of melas and festivals.


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