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Sindhi Language

Sindhi Language

Sindhi language is a mixture of various cultural languages and most of its words are written in Arabic script. Sindh is a province of diverse culture and everything related to it is rich in historic background. The most interesting fact about this language is that every Sindhi word ends with a vowel and due to this the pronunciation sounds more melodious.

Almost 53,410,910 Pakistani people use this language for communication purposes and it is taught as a subject in various schools of Sindh province. Another interesting thing about this language is that it reflects the diverse culture of Sindh very beautifully.

It is said that this language is being spoken in Singh from many years. Many poets and saints wrote fascinating poetry in this language and so the language is rich in this treasure of literature and poetry. Wide range of vocabulary words also makes this language flavorful. Sindhi is really a treasure from ancient times and plays a big part in cultural heritage of Sindh side. Almost all the people of this province speak this language as their mother tongue and some people, not being Sindhi promote this language by speaking it with other people.

The language was evolved almost two thousand years back and now it has a great importance in the country with other provincial languages. The basic words also called basic structure of Sindhi consists of Prakrit and Sanskrit words. And other languages that make up the walls of this language are Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Portuguese and English. Sindhi is also spoken by the people of Baluchistan. Various books related to this language can be found that are rich in Sindhi literature and one always loves to read them. The famous saints and poets that promoted this language in past times were Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, Lal Shahbaz Qalender and Sachal Sarmast. The relation between Man and Allah is so beautifully explained in their writings. Several changes have been made with the passage of time in Sindhi and now the modern Sindhi that people spoke in today’s world consists mostly of Urdu words and the pure Language is spoken in inner regions of Sindh.

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