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Sindhi Karhai

Sindhi Karhai

The province of Sindh known for its diverse culture is rich in creative embroiders which moved from different parts of India. These embroiders create stunning pieces of embroidery which highlights the creativity in themselves. Among all the famous embroidery work of Pakistan, Sindhi karhai is quite famous that plays a great part from the beautiful province of Sindh. This Sindhi karhai is famous not only in Pakistan, but in outer countries as well. This fascinating embroidery work takes you to the famous crafts of Sindh. This karhai is all done with hand which gives it a fantastic touch to enjoy.

The clothing done with Sindh karhai is exported to other cities of Pakistan and women appreciate this work by wearing pieces of this art. Sindhi topi is quite famous among Sindh side. This cap is decorated with embroidery all over and gives a traditional look. This topi promotes Sindhi culture well and makes a person feel proud of his culture. Neckpieces also have their own importance among all the pieces which are ornamented with Sindhi Karhai. It is done on colorful pieces of cotton. The Sindhi karhai threadwork also looks great, but when sequins and mirrors are added, it looks more elegant.

Sindhi Karhai is done with great hard work and has a great importance. The designs of this art work also vary. This art work is being done from ancient times and still it has a great importance. The styles vary from antique ones to new ones. Nowadays, famous fashion designer use this incredible Sindhi karhai work in their clothing pieces, which becomes a source of promoting this traditional artwork in other countries. Sindhi karhai work is a proper source of earning for the women of Sindh and so women from urban areas provide them with different designs and materials and hire them for proper wages.

These masterpieces are also presented in different cultural festivals. People from urban areas also visit interior areas of Sindh to see this beautiful artwork and appreciate it. You can get bed sheets, wall hangings and clothing items which are totally ornamented with this artwork. Sindhi karhai comes in the category of those things which prove them as a cultural heritage of Pakistan. This embroidery work is done with multi-colored threads and it can be customized to only two or three colors as well.

Sindhi karhai is also done on bags which are used by women of Pakistan to keep their important accessories. Not only on women dresses, but Sindhi karhai is also done on kurtas and shirts of men of Sindh side and they show great interest in wearing them. This karhai is also appreciated in other provinces and women love to wear clothing items with Sindhi karhai done on them.

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