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Sindhi Dress

Sindhi Dress

Dresses can be tailored with in a single day however which one to tailor is a question whose answer has something to do with tradition followed throughout history in a particular region.

With in a single country there are many dresses due to diverse culture, tradition and social norms followed since time. Sindhis also wear Shalwar Kameez with Ajrak and Sindhi Topi (Cap). An Ajrak is a block printed shawl with patterns primarily of dark crimson, indigo and black hues of 2-3 meters length. Sindhi men use it as turban, maflar or hang it around single shoulder while women use it as Dupatta. Sindhi cap which is an important item of Sindhi dress code is a circular cap with forehead portion cutout. The cap is usually embroidered with small pieces of mirror. Both Ajrak and Sindhi cap symbolize true Sindhi culture which is dated back before Indo-Pak partition.


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