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Sibbi Museum in a glance

Sibbi Museum in a glance

Baluchistan is one of the rich historical cities having number of classic cities. Sibbi is one of them. Sibbi is the small city having very hot weather. I guess in Province of Baluchistan it’s the hottest city.

Talking of Sibbi’s historical development let us tell you that Sibbi is one of the warm historical cities of Baluchistan province. Sibbi was captured by British rule in 1941.Sibbi got its name from Sandemanabad. This name was followed by Robert Sandman British army officer who worked really very hard to form Sibbi almost current architecture and system.

As you know that British brought revolutionary changes in transport and lives of people living in Sub-continent. One of its examples is the oldest railway tracks all over the Asia and the amazing tunnels in Baluchistan which are useable even today. In the same way there were different historical places built by the British government in Sibbi too, one of them is Queen Victoria’s Memorial Hall built in 1903.This memorial hall saw the history the old Baluchistan. People of this province valued that hall and now a day’s it’s named as Jirga Hall, where all the tribal decisions are made.

Jirga is a council of tribal elder so the assembly chamber for British was held in the hall. During Sibbi Mela the leading tribal notables assemble in the Jirga Hall. This Jirga Hall (Victoria Hall) is now converted in a museum which is known as Sibbi Museum

When Pakistan came into being Quai-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah (R.A) visited that Jirga Hall as the first Governor General of Pakistan during annual Durbar at Sibbi. Here you can imagine how historic and useful the Sibbi museum is. It saw the father of the nation. Different historical events are also related to Sibbi Museum (Jirga Hall).Now there are collection of things by Victoria hall at the time of British rule, documents having Jirga decisions,dates and the participants and photos which portrays when Quaid and different Dignitaries from the world visits this oldest hall which keeps history alive and are found in this historical place which is known as Sibbi Museum.

It includes the archaeological sites of Pirak, Nasshero and Mehrgarh. Sibbi Museum is well known inside and outside of country because of its attractive sites.

Sibbi Museum is also very popular because of its historical back ground. There are multiple historical ornaments and belongings of different tribes of Baluchistan which are displayed in a meaningful way in the museum. These ornaments and belongings are telling us the history of Baluchistan but also represent the rich culture and customs of Pakistan and the Balochistani people.

The view of Sibi Museum itself is very attractive for the visitors. The architecture and beauty of this building not only remind us of the British rule but also the historical time that is left behind far away. Different visitors and historians from all around Pakistan and the world visit this historical place having word of admiration for Baluchistan customs.

When any one comes to Sibbi city, visiting the Sibbi museum comes at top in their priority list.

In the month of February during world famous Sibbi Mela and other Fairs in the city, mostly people from different cities of Pakistan surely visit this place.


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