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Shezan International Limited

Shezan International Limited

On 30th May 1964, Shezan International Limited commenced its operations in Pakistan as a beverage corporation and manufacturer company. In 1964, this company was considered as a joint venture by the Alliance Industrial Development Corporation United States and Shahnawaz Group. Shezan has introduced a variety of products which includes jams, ketchups, juices and soft drinks and in Pakistan the company is also recognized as the largest cultivator of mangoes. Almost 1000 employees are working in the company. The company is prominently known for its trademark product that is “Shezan Mango” which is a mango juice in Pakistan. The company has the largest food processing units within the country that has the capacity to meet the requirements of country’s local as well as export needs.


After being authorized by the Government of Pakistan in 1971, Shahnawaz Group acquired the entire shares of Alliance Industrial Development Corporation. From 1980 to 1981 the company had a separate unit in Karachi that now gratify not only Karachi but Sindh and export demand as well. In 1983, In Lahore, Punjab a bottle filling plant was placed. In 1987, an independent Tetra Brik plant was commissioned.


After several successful achievements the company decided to install a juice factory at Hattar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in 1990. In Lahore the head office of Shezan International is situated. The authorized distributor of Shezan products in Canada is Target Foods and Citi Traders and IS Traders LTD are the authorized distributors and importers in England. The products that they import and distribute include pickles, jams, juices, ketchups, chutneys, syrups and squashes.


The company has introduced an energy drink to the country at the end of 2008. This instigation coincided with intense hard work to achieve larger market share in Karachi. Due to the religious association of its owner the company has been the frequent target of controversy. In 2012, a campaign led by some conventional Islamic groups initiated a more liberal voice and among these there were some lawyers from Lahore Bar Association and the students from Punjab University, who also called a boycott to the company owned by Ahmedi’s and to ban their products within their premises. As a result, products of Shezan were totally banned at Punjab University and even at Lahore Bar Association. In the same year, about six shops owned by the company were smashed and the workers of the company were injured and even after that several attacks were recorded against Shezan factories.


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