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Sheraton Hotel

Sheraton Hotel

When people travel from country to country or city to city then they need a shelter in order to stay somewhere as they are away from home so travelers stay in hotels. Those people who can afford expensive and deluxe hotels they stay in 5 star hotels. One of the many 5 star hotels is Sheraton. Starwood is an international company which has many resorts and hotels under its control and one of them is Sheraton Hotel. Sheraton Hotel is the largest brand of Starwood and even the second oldest of the brands of Starwood, the oldest is Westin. Headquarters of Starwood are situated in White Plains which is a part of New York.

Sheraton Hotel is established since 1937 and it was founded in Springfield which lies in Massachusetts. E.Henderson and R.Moore are the founders of Sheraton Hotel. As the time went on and the hotel got better they started expanding their business of hotel and a time came in 1998 when Sheraton Hotel became an internationally recognized 5 star hotel chain. Sheraton Hotel branches started appearing in number of different countries of the world due to which it started taking over the business of other small hotels. While expanding the business of Sheraton Hotel one of the branches also got opened in Pakistan.

The branch of Sheraton Hotel got opened in the city of Pakistan named Karachi. The district of Karachi which is considered as the business district is the place where Sheraton Hotel is found. From International Airport of Karachi the Sheraton Hotel is just 17 KM away due to which it seems easy for the tourists to land on Karachi airport and then directly leave for the Sheraton Hotel if tourists are really willing to stay in a 5 star hotel of Karachi like Sheraton Hotel. All together there are 407 rooms in the Sheraton Hotel of Karachi among which there are standard rooms, suite rooms and deluxe rooms. All these rooms are unimaginably comfortable. In Sheraton Hotel of Karachi there are 5 remarkable restaurants including amazing facilities for guests.

Travelers coming to Karachi, Pakistan go to Sheraton Hotel for their stay not only because it is 5 star but also because it is highly safe and there are strong measures that has been taken for the security of the guests.


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