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Shangrilla Resorts

Shangrilla Resorts

Shangrila, a heaven on earth! Can you feel the sweetness and politeness when you pronounce this word “Shangrila”? The pronunciation of this word is just like the taste of sugar or honey in your mouth, think what will happen when you plan a trip to go to the Northern areas of Pakistan, and compare that sweetness with natural beauty while staying at Shangrila resorts for that purpose. Undoubtedly, Shangrila resorts in Pakistan are really proving the meanings of their names i.e. “Heaven on Earth.”


Shangrila Resorts group started their first branch in Pakistan in 1983 in Sakrdu, Biltistan by Mr. Muhammad Aslam Khan, the chief of the Scouts of Northern areas of Pakistan. Going deeper into history of Shangrila, we found that it was inspired by a book name “Lost Horizon” written by an English author. The story was about a crashed air plane near a riverbed. The passengers who survived of the crash met with some Buddhist men there. The monks took them into a field that was full of greenery and apples and many other fruit trees. These monks looked very young, while they claimed to be hundred years old. Due to this story, this dreaming heaven came to be known as the Chinese word Shangrila stands for Heaven on the Earth.

Shangrila Resort Hotel Sakardu- Pakistan Tourist perspective

Shangrila Resort Sakardu is situated in the Northern areas of Pakistan, the region that is famous for its beautiful locations and a lot of tourism attraction points in the world, The Himalayan Ranges, scenic valleys, natural wild life, the longest, widest, and highest plateau in the world, Deosi Plains, the River Indus and many more other locations. One more attractive point of Shangrila resort is Shangrila Lake or Lower Kachura Lake, a part of Shangrila Resort situated at only 20 minutes’ drive from Skardu town. It is very popular tourist point and has a unique restaurant that is built on the fuselage of an aircraft which was crashed nearby.

During the spring season Shangrila valley is fully alive with attractive orchards and the fields. The summer season is the best for the trekkers, while in winter, this valley welcomes the snow-lovers. The autumn is also an enjoyable season in this valley.

Shangrila Resort Hotel Murree- Pakistan Tourist perspective

In Murree Hills of Pakistan you will find Shangrila Resort hotel at Lawrence College road with Punjab house. This is a Four-Star hotel with the latest attractive addition to the Shangrila chain of resorts. The location of this resort is in the corner of the hill station providing the tourists a stunning and clear view of the nature and underlying valleys. While sitting in the hotel you can enjoy  the stunning views of the surrounding hills, trees, snow falling, and valleys.

Shangrila valley is just like Switzer land and we can say that it is the Switzer Land of Aisa that is located in Pakistan.


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