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Shandur Pass

Shandur Pass

Pakistan is a beautiful country with extraordinary places. One of such amazing places of Pakistan is Shandur Pass. Shandur Pass is famous around the world because the world’s highest ground of polo is there constructed at height of around 3738 meters from the level of sea. It is in the center of Gilgit and Chitral, the distance is 147 KM Chitral and 211 KM Gilgit. The top of Shandur Pass is flat, it is a plateau. It is situated in the Northern Areas of Pakistan and one of the most visited places of Pakistan by tourists all around the world including people from different cities of Pakistan.

As Shandur Pass is famous for its polo ground so it shows that how much importance the sport polo has at Shandur Pass. Polo is considered as the game played by the kings. Polo is a traditional game at Shandur Pass and it is played every year in the month of July from 5th July to 8th July. It is being played at Shandur Pass from many years and it played among the teams of Chitral and the teams of Northern Areas. The polo played at Shandur Pass is not the same one that is played at international level because it does not follow the same rules that are followed while playing polo on international basis. At Shandur Pass the polo is played without empires and rules and the game is based on certain agreed convention and throughout the game the music band is played that has beats of drums and the whole game is played at those beats.

Whenever Shandur Pass is mentioned then only one thing that comes in mind and that is the festival of Polo because Shandur Pass and polo have a very old history together and people living there are extremely passionate about the sport polo. Many tourists visit Shandur pass every year just to watch the famous polo tournament that take place in polo festival. Even those people who don’t enjoy polo much visit Shandur pass and start enjoying it, not only the game but also the environment that is created there during the tournament.


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