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Shalwar Kamiz – Our Dress

Shalwar Kamiz – Our Dress

In literal terms a dress is a human body covering or clothing. But in metaphor dress serves more than mere clothing. It is not limited to provide covering and comfort to human body. Shalwar Kamiz – Our Dress

It symbolizes the identity of a clan or nation too. It is a hint which can allow anyone to depict the nationality of a person without knowing in advance. One can categorize dresses into many however the ones which are followed as part of customs in society are considered as “Traditional Dresses”. Like any other nation on the face of planet Pakistani people have their own traditional dress too to wear.

Among traditional dresses of Pakistan the one followed with spirit is Shalwar Kamiz. It comprises couple of clothed coverings (for both torso and legs) e.g. Shalwar and Kameez. People from all provinces of Pakistan wear this including men, women and children. Though it is worn casually but embroidered Shalwar Kamiz is also used for occasions like weddings, official gatherings and festivities etc.

Shalwar Kamiz: our culture

In lineament Shalwar is a loosely fitted pant or pyjama. It is wide at the top due to groin and narrow at the bottom due to legs and ankles, hanged around waist by using elastic band or drawstring. The Kameez is usually long (up to thighs) and tunic as it covers torso. ‘Chaaks’ which are the v-shaped cuttings on both sides of Kameez are left open below the waist to give an ease in mobility to wearer. For female there is an add-on e.g. ‘Dupatta’, a loose scarf used to cover neck, shoulders and chest of women over Kameez. Thus this dress is oriented in a manner to ensure proper clothed covering for both male and female. Cotton is most widely used fabric for Shalwar Kameez though wash and wear and other clothing stuff is also used for tailoring.


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