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Shalimar Garden

Shalimar Garden

Lahore is often accredited as ‘City of Gardens’ due to the reason that it has various gardens from modern as well as ancient times. The city of Lahore was anciently decorated with beautiful gardens and buildings constructed by Mughals. The enchanting Shalimar Gardens were also created in that era by Shah Jahan. The gardens are located about five kilometers northeast to City Centre of Lahore along the Grand Trunk Road. The gardens are surrounded by high walls and four watch-towers are constructed on the four boundary corners. The garden originally belonged to a noble family and remained in their possession for about 350 years.

Shalimar Gardens were expanded over total seven terraces in Mughal era but now only three of them are present. The three terraces are named as Farah Baksh, Faiz Baksh, and Hayat Baksh. The garden consists of several buildings which were used for recreation and rest for Royal families and are worth seeing because of their fantastic architectural designs. The whole place has a soothing atmosphere and the most novel thing about these gardens is the royal feeling they give. One can find hundreds of fountains there which are fitted in these three terraces.

The fountain operation of these gardens is still a mystery for scientists of today’s world. You can call it a magic of Mughal engineers how they built the irrigation system technically. Marble work is done so beautifully. These gardens were accepted by UNESCO in world heritage list in the year 1981. Nowadays, people visit this place as a picnic spot and enjoy the calm atmosphere of these charming gardens. Shalimar gardens are one of the busiest places of Lahore and a huge crowd can be found there each day.

Shalimar gardens are spread over a huge area and look more magnificent at night time. Moreover, the fountains there were created with ancient techniques and still they look enchanting and the whole place looks ornamented due to these fountains. Shalimar Gardens are beautifully laid over the whole land and one must visit this place to see the ancient work of Mughal era.

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