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Shakar Parian

Shakar Parian

Shaker Parian is one of the most popular places in Islamabad that no nature lover will able to avoid it. It is situated in Islamabad near Zero point at a height of 1,998 feet (609) m above sea level. It is a most visited place for the tourist because it has many attractive sights which you have never seen before. The lush green trees exceed the beauty of Shakar Parian. On the top of Shakar Parian you can enjoy the beautiful wind and it feels like you are also flying in the air.


Shakar Parian is the older picnic place in Islamabad and it is very famous and beautiful. It has a terrace and by standing on the terrace you can see a beautiful and breath- taking view of both the cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi. On the terrace there is a beautiful fountain surrounded by different flowers. There are lots of pine trees in the garden which exceeds the beauty of the garden. And there is a separate corner of plants that were planted by the foreign head of states and it is happening since the independence of Pakistan and it is very gorgeous and beautiful place of flowers. It is happening so that Pakistan can make friendly relations with other countries. There are small food stalls offering smacks for visitors. The whole area is surrounded by jasmine trees which looks awesome and so attractive.

Enjoyable place

It is an enjoyable place for everyone. The family and kids love to visit this place and plan picnics. The hills are lush green and show you a breathtaking sight of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It is very clean and surrounded with flower beds. It is a place which is so photogenic. It is a place where you can relax and enjoy with your friends and family. The garden in shaker Parian is so mesmerizing and so beautiful. Tourists love this garden because of the beauty of flowers. In this garden there are different types of roses and jasmines. Though it is a small garden but it is very attractive. It has a sitting area, parking area, kids area and snack bars are everywhere for the visitors. This is also the ideal place for couples. You can also enjoy hiking on the hills.

Hotels of Shaker Parian

The hotels of shaker Parian are for all types of people, from affordable family hotels to the most luxurious ones. You won’t be charge any booking fee, cancellation fee or administration fee. The reservation service is free of charge. The hotels are well designed and beautiful. They have relaxing rooms and the food of the hotels is also very delicious with a variety of dishes of Asia, Chinese, continental etc.


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