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From sands to seas and from mountains to planes Shahra-e-Resham has seen this empires flourish and laid to rest. Spanning over several continents, it cements its place in the annals of time; holding within it the essence of history itself. It is a cross continental road link which joins Asia, Europe and Northern Africa.

An extensive road network dating back to the time itself;Shahra-e-Resham has been the favorite route for travelers, traders and invaders alike. For centuries this route has been used for trade between most of the known world. The giants of history exported and imported goods from this very route. Caravan from India and China exported silk, ivory, spices and tea and in return the Romans and the Byzantium’s exported their prized possessions amongst which gold, silver, glass ornaments and vine were a few.    Deriving its name from the infamous Chinese silk the road network connected empires like Chinese, Persians, and Indians on a single path. It often saw them battle it out for possessions and many a times saw minnows like Huns and Mongols take the share in the pickings.


At its peak the Shahra-e-Resham was a 4000 mile journey; which saw not just goods but pilgrims, nomads and slaves traverse it throughout the years. Despite its numerous challenges the route was a reason for prosperity and development of many regions that fell in its path. Nations such as India flourished due to its virtue of being in the middle of the trade route and often fell prey to this bounty because this showed invader like Mongols, Alexander the Great a way into the unknown. However, with the fall of Han dynasty and increase in the ship trade the Shahra-e-Resham witnessed the beginning of its decline. With the inception of freight carriage by the see many people saw it as a lucrative alternative than an otherwise daunting, difficult and hazardous journey. Also sea route gave option to visit new places and find more markets than road could ever.

Even though many centuries have past and numerous other methods of transport have emerged; yet once more this ancient route has taken the centre stage. With the constant economic crisis and global capital downfall many countries hit worst have started looking back to the route which provided them before. With the failure of existing trade and commerce ideologies many Asian countries are looking towards a multibillion dollar road network which ensures a free trade bloc. Forming an economic bloc with Arabia and central Asian nations with a mutual consent of tapping into each other’s resources Shahra-e-Resham once more gives India and China a chance to take the lime light and sit in the driving seat. With the shift in economics of the world Asian power houses with the ancient heritage are once more ready to boast their economic strengths and share with the world the resources they have. In the thick of it all we see history repeating itself once more in the form of Shahra-e-Resham.


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