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Shah Abdul Karim Bulri

One of the famous poet of Sindhi language is Shah Abdul Karim Bulri born in 1536 in Sindh, Pakistan. Shah Abdul Karim Bulri was born in a Sayed family in Mitiari, currently in Eastern Sindh. He was the great grand-father of the well-known poet Shah Abdul Bhittai. A village situated in Tando Adam Khan known as Bulri, where this famous poet spent his most of his life. The word Bulri is often attached to his name. He was brought up by his mother and elder brother Sayed Jalal after the death of his father. Rather than paying attention to the lessons taught in school he was more interested in the matters related to God from his childhood and use to spend most of his time immersed in thoughts of God. He even spent most of his time in spiritual gatherings in Bulri where Sufi songs were sung which were accompanied by rural music.


Sufi music had a great impact on his life that in a very small age he started composing his own Sufi songs. He considered marriage will hold back his path towards God but got married according to the wish of his elder brother. He met a Sufi named Sultan Ibrahim in a local mosque; he was quiet impressed by him and became his follower. Sultan Ibrahim advised him to become a laborer as he was the only one to look after his family after the death of his elder brother. When Sultan Ibrahim went to perform Hajj, Shah Abdul Karim met mystic named Makhdum Nuh and came under his guidance. The Makhdum’s insistence of strict observance of the Shariat helped temper the growing mystic fervor of Shah Abdul Karim.

He imposed a very rigorous regulation on himself which few people around him were aware of. He punctually offer his prayers even working at day time and in nights he often walk around the region filling any earthen pots he found empty. After he was grown up he engraved many pious poems in Sindhi. He mostly expresses his love for Divine through his poems. His life style was so convincing that many people started following his teachings and respect him a lot. Shah Abdul Latif one of the major poet of Sindhi was recognized as Chaucher of Sindhi Literature.


Poetry and malfuzat of Shah Abdul Karim were first materialized in β€œBayan-al-Arifin”, which is a Persian work and was written by one of his adherent after seven years of his death. He gave a pantheistic meaning to many Quranic terminologies for example, Every moment he discloses himself in fresh glory (55:29), He is the first, He is the last, The Apparent and the Hidden (57:3), where so ever you may turn there is the face f God (2:115) and He is nearer to you then your jugular vein (50:29) and so on. He also sang, β€œSeparation and union are one and the same, God, the best of proposers, will unite the lover and the loved one”. He also wrote many famous books almost 93 books were written by him. However this famous poet left many of his followers alone and died in 1623 but his teachings will remain for ever.

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