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In Islamic lunar calendar Shab e Barat is the preceding night of 15th day of Shaban (8th month of Islamic Calendar). On 24th of June 2013 this holy night is approaching.

It is spent by Muslims by praying and feasting throughout the night with mosques illuminated. Often termed as “Night of Emancipation” it is considered as the night when ALMIGHTY determines the destiny of all for the next upcoming year e.g. life or death. So this night is spent with salvation and worshipping by all Muslims. In historic timeline it is the night when ALMIGHTY saved Hazart Nooh (A.S) and his followers from flood which took away disbelievers.

It is believed that this is the night when duas (prayers) if offered will never left unanswered by ALMIGHTY. This sacred night starts from the sunset of 14th Shaban and ends in the sunrise of 15th Shaban.
About the importance of Shab e Barat Hazart Ali (R.A) quoted sayings of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) as “If you spend Shab e Barat in worship and its following day in fasting ALMIGHTY will descend you to the nearest heaven during this night”.
According to a Hadith it is suggested to perform Nawaafils, Salat, reciting of Holy Quran, Kalma Tayyaba and Astaghfar (seeking forgiveness) for Muslims. Because Almighty will pardon those who are really grieved over their sins and looking forward to seek forgiveness from ALMIGHTY with true heart and conscience (with the aim to not commit sins in future) as the doors of mercy will remained wide open from HIM during Shab e Barat.
The famous Saint Shiekh Abdul Qadir Gilani also narrated this night as a gift for those who love to seek the right path.

In Pakistan this night is spent with spirit. Every small and grand Mosque around every nook and corner is illuminated with bulbs and candle lights. People pray whole night and make sweets like “Halwa” or “Zarda” (which is considered as blessed food) to distribute among poor and neighborhood. During past Children play with fireworks however this is strictly prohibited and now this practice is abandoned in regard for both safety and the sacredness of this Holy Night so that worshippers will not get disturbed.


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