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Migrants in Karachi

Migrants in Karachi

Defined as a group of people with idiosyncratic philosophical, religious and/or political opinions; sects are everywhere. In Pakistan there are countless sects all over the country namely countless exist in Karachi. Following the diversity of population available in Pakistan one cannot be sure as of how many sects are there; may that be political or religious.

Following the existence of different political parties (with M.Q.M. being the dominant) and people from different areas coming there the number of different sects there is justified. Provided that Karachi is the business capital of Pakistan people are moving there to make a better living. Although the word sect has originally been meant only as a religious group but over the passing time period it has evolved to incorporate politics, philosophy and geography. With the passage of time the business in Karachi is booming and the standards of life are improving day by day. That is the main reason there exist so many sects in Karachi. There is the Parsi, Mahajar and Bihari sects. Individually how they are identified is that they have their unique vernacular and then there is their unique way of living. The Biharis living their migrated to Karachi during the separation; the sect named as Biharis is after the state in eastern India. Their dialect gives away their identity. Following Biharis we have the Parsis. They are part of the Irani community and/or one of the Zoroastrian publics in South Asia. Then with the dominance of politics in Pakistan we have people following different parties and getting affiliating with them. Studying these sects can help one a lot in their business and make things much easier. Like one can easily make money by determining the different ways of living by all the sects. In which area the most people following some trend. Then we have all the things like their life style and what they require so that new shops can be opened targeting their specified market. Existing market can change their marketing strategy. Not only that these sects can also help in different phenomenon happening all over the city. Like any charity drive or anything. The managers can stimulate the crowd using what appeals them the most. These sects have different needs and wants that when catered will get the most out of them and this can also help in making the country a better place for all to live.

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