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second day of Eid

second day of Eid

Eidul-Fitr is an occasion to celebrate and commemorate the ending of Ramadan in a traditional way. This event has significant importance in the life of Muslim as this Eid comes after the Holy month of Ramadan. Muslims after 30 days of fasting enjoys this Eid with their loved ones. With much passion and enthusiasm the occasion of Eid is celebrated by Muslims. Pakistanis are much known for celebrating Eid in a pleasurable way, they share Eid greetings with one another, visits graves, enjoy delicious pakwans which includes both sweet and traditional dishes, arranges get together and wear beautiful clothes. The second day of Eid is also known as “Tarru” in urdu.


Muslims of all status can be seen decked with stunning clothes, mostly men on second day of Eid visit graves of their beloved ones and pray for them and to have the feeling that they are still a part of their sorrows and happiness. The ladies and children at home are all dressed up in new clothes and young girls wear striking bangles with hands decorated with Mehndi which makes their Eid outstanding and memorable.



The ladies at home keep the house clean and arrange meals on the dining table for breakfast before their men reaches home. The elder women of the houses set dining table with different traditional Eid dishes such as Saivya is a common sweet dish that is made by everyone in their homes specially in the event of Eid.


The Eid Celebration continues for three days mostly on second day of Eid, people visit their relatives where they give Eid Greetings to one another. On the occasion of Eid special menu is planned for the guests by keeping this in mind that the dishes should be different from the regular dishes. Varieties of dishes are prepared on Eid day so that everyone can enjoy the food of their taste. Mostly traditional dishes are the part of the menu as they are liked by everyone. On the second day of Eid, get together are planned at homes or some where outside. Eidi is given to the children which fascinates them a lot as this is the most mesmerizing thing about the event. Enjoy this pleasurable event with your loved ones and love the feeling of being Muslim and being Pakistani.

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