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Sea View Karachi

Sea View Karachi

Stretching from Karachi (Sindh) to Ormara (Balochistan) is the magnificent coastline of Pakistan. In its natural pristine magnificence it stands as one of the most bio diverse and beautiful of the world. Due to the wide and diverse array of natural beauty and wealth of life it has become a heaven for fishermen, tourists and conservationists.

With the blessings of Allah, this region houses many treasures with the sea being our biggest and most prized treasure. If you are looking to connect with the nature in Karachi then you should definitely visit the sea.

Sea View Karachi stands among the most famous beaches of the world. With a lot of activities to do like amusement parks, restaurants, camel rides and horse rides along the beach, a lot of families and tourists are attracted. There are restaurants nearby to relinquish your thirst and feed your appetite after you enjoy yourself at the beach. A gated domestic area known as Sea View Apartments lies nearby to a segment of the beach known as Sea View. There also exist Darakhshan Villas covering residential townhouses laying ahead the beach.

Government also did some work in this very area to get attraction from the people of Karachi. They constructed new Cineplex cinema houses for the leisure of people of Karachi, chiefly for the people who live in DHA and Clifton. This has ensued after around three decades of cinema refuse in Pakistan. Cinemas are bit more costly than the regular ones because they are family cinemas. No males or group of males are permitted to watch movies here without being escorted by families, females or children.

Defense Housing Authority is making plan to cover some of the area of beach with sand to get more ground space and this will surely push the beach further, which can results more entertainment for people. This is true that it will alter the shape and topographies of this beach. Other seashores nearby to the conurbation include Hawke’s Bay, Paradise Point and Sandspit – a stone rock headland with a natural arch, but the Clifton Beach may be considered as the most prevalent picnic topic in the city.


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