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Satpara Lake

Satpara Lake

Northern parts of Pakistan are contingent on the most beautiful lakes and mountains. These parts are considered as the best tourist attraction and tourists of the world love to visit these parts. The lakes there offer attractive scenes making one’s visit more adventurous and Satpara Lake is one of them. It is located near Skardu. The lake is fed by Satpara stream and the whole Satpara Lake provides water to Skardu regions.

A dam named as Skardu Dam is being built on this lake to generate more electricity. The dam is 128 ft high and will generate about 17.36 MV of electricity. The lake is a big source of fresh water and is 8650 ft long. The crystal clear water of Satpara Lake gives delight to one’s eyes. The water of this lake shines in the daytime and that is why people believe that gold is buried in the bottom. Satpara Lake serves as a centre of various activities such as row borating, and trout fishing. It takes about twenty minutes to reach there from Skardu. Deosai Plain is also located near this lake which is known to be the second largest plateau of this world. Motels and rest houses are easily available for tourists visiting Satpara Lake. The Satpara Lake provides fresh water to Skardu. As the agricultural rate in northern areas is low, people do not need much water for irrigation.

The area of Skardu is known for the high peaks and huge mountains. The whole area around Satpara Lake is eye catching. Large mountain ranges cover this lake and make the whole scene fascinating. People of that region are known for their hospitality and loving nature. A visit to this lake becomes a great experience to a visitor and it forces him to visit this lake back again. An island is present in the middle of this lake which is reached through boats. Satpara Lake gives the best fishes and everyone gets there to take the joys of trout fishing even the local people. The lake looks very beautiful when one sees it with his own eyes.

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