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Sassi Punnoo – Folk Lore

Sassi Punnoo – Folk Lore

According to a legend ‘Sassi was the princess daughter of Adam Khan, who was the King of Bhambour (a place situated in sindh province of Pakistan towards 40 miles south of Karachi).

Upon Sassi’s birth, astrologers were called upon by King Adam Khan to let him know about the Sassi’s fortune. The astrologers predicted her as bad omen for royal family. Upon this the King decided to get rid of Sassi. So ordered his subordinates to place child sassi in a wooden box and threw in the Indus River which they followed. A Dhobi (washer man) of the Bhambour village found that wooden box while washing clothes along the river side. He considered child as a blessing from God (as opposed to King) and took her home. He decided to adopt Sassi as he has no child of his own.

When sassi grown into a girl she resembled like a fairy in terms of beauty and complexion. The tales of her beauty also reached the young prince of Makran Punnun who journeyed Bhambour. To see Sassi he sent her father clothes for washing and when he visited dhobi’s house both Sassi and Punnun fell in love with each other. Sassi’s father was interested to marry sassi with a washer man however when Punnun insisted for himself he gave prince a test of washing clothes. The failure was inevitable for Punnun as he belonged to a royal family and was not inclined to these activities. However when he failed he took his last chance and hid gold coins inside pockets while returning clothes to dhobi. This proved dhobi punnun’s true identity of being an individual of royal stature. The dhobi agreed to marry sassi with him.

But punnun’s father and brothers were against this marriage as it was considered as a derogatory for a prince to marry girl below his stature e.g. Washer man’s daughter. The siblings of Punnun reached Bhambour to convince him against marriage. Upon failure they planned a trick. They agreed with Punnun apparently but on the night of marriage they intoxicated and carried him on camel’s back to return to their home town Kicham.

Upon knowing all sassi felt grieved and rushed towards the town of Punnun with bare feet. She had to cross miles of desert and to accomplish that her feet swelled due to long journey and lips scorched by crying “Punnun” “Punnun”. On her way she reached a shepherd’s hut and went inside to quench her thirst. But the shepherd had dirty plans for her. Upon releasing this she ran away from him and prayed to ALMIGHTY to hide her. The ALMIGHTY came to rescue and suddenly with a quake the land split and sassi found herself buried in that valley. When Punnun woke and realized reality he also ran away for sassi. He reached the same shepherd and when the shepherd listened to punnun’s woes he told the whole Sassi’s story to him. Upon hearing all Punnun also prayed to ALMIGHTY. The land split again and Punnun also got buried in the same place as that of sassi leaving this legend as an example of true love and divine unity.


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