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Samosas are the popular snack in entire world. This snack is mostly eaten in Asian countries like Pakistan and India. Pakistanis are fond of this snack. It is an ideal snack in rainy season and even our iftaar tables are incomplete without these snacks. Samosas have numerous varieties such as alu ka samosas, sweet samosas, Chinese samosas, bread samosas, vegetable samosas, vegetable and cheese samosas and many more. It is mostly served with chana chutni and sweet chutni. The recipe of samaosa pati remains the same but the ingredients vary in different recipes of samosas. In Pakistan, the most popular recipe of samosa is Alu ka samosas. Many samosa shops are available in Pakistan and even in the month of Ramadan many samosa stalls are organized for aftari. The recipe for Alu k samosay is very easy and delicious the ingredients required for this recipe are as following:



a).  Salt up to taste

b). Cumin Powder 1 tbsp

c). Crushed Red Pepper as required

d). 5 boiled Potatoes

e). 1/2 cup of mint

f). 2 tbsp of Yogurt

g).1 tbsp of Black Pepper (crushed)

h). ½ cup Green Coriander

h). 1 tbsp Whole Coriander Seeds i.e (sabut dhanya)

i). 3 tbsp of Kasori Methi

j). 6 chopped Green Chilies

k). 3 tbsp of Ghee

l). Samosa Patti as required



First mix coriander, black pepper, mint, yogurt, cumin seeds, green coriander, green chilies and fenugreek seeds all together. After that add boiled potatoes into it and then add salt and red pepper up top taste. Mash the potatoes and mix everything finely together. After mixing all these things add this mixture in samosas strips and then give them samosa shape. In the end fry these samosas in ghee and serve them.

Another delicious recipe of samosas is of Chinese Samosa, it also a very popular type of samosas. Chinese samosas are prepared with chicken and boiled eggs. The combination of both is very tempting; these samosas can be made at any occasion.



Meethay samosay are also very popular and admired by everyone for this recipe you need to have I cup of coconut, 1tbsp of Ghee, 3/4 cup milk, ½ cup sugar, ½ cup almonds and 2 tbsp of poppy seeds these are for filling. For manday you need to have 250gm flour, ½ tsp salt, ½ cup oil and water as required, and then fry them and then enjoy this delicious recipe of meethay samosay.


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