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Sammi Daewoo Bus Experience

Sammi Daewoo Bus Experience

Sammi Daewoo Bus Experience

Daewoo as a brand name is being used by many transport companies. Daewoo has manufacturing industry for buses and transport services. Sammi Daewoo Bus experience is unique among all other bus services.

There are different classes of Daewoo buses. The ordinary one is quite comfortable and state of the art accessories are available like entertainment, hostess, air-conditioned and comfortable seating. Luxury buses are extra-ordinary in comfort with better seating arrangement.

Sammi Daewoo is a popular and most expensive bus service in throughout Pakistan. In Lahore it has its terminal near kalma chowk. The terminal has tuck shop, waiting area, praying area and ATM machine. ATM machine is available in almost all terminals across country.

Traveling through Sammi Daewoo bus service is quite good and comfortable. Bus leaves right at time and arrives on time as well. Journey is started with the Name of Allah. The staff is in uniform and quite cooperative. If someone plans for a journey from Karachi to Lahore or Murree, Sammi Daewoo is right choice.

At the terminal passenger need to show ID card and after getting ticket he boards in. A camera man will capture everybody in camera before bus leaves. The baggage and every passenger are scanned for any harmful weapon. So the journey is safe though out the way.

During the travel, an entertainment flavor is added. A popular movie is played to provide the sense of relaxation. A lunch box is provided with biscuits, chips and drink is served. A road hostess is present all the time during the travel. Vomit bag, water, head phones and cushions are available.

The seat plan in bus is comfortable and seats are adjustable to bring more comfort. Bus stays at the middle of journey for 20 minutes. During this stay passengers can move out to have some food or go for prayers. The service area for stay is equipped with all necessary things like tea, food, drinks, snacks, books, mobile cards etc.

There is a free shuttle service between Rawalpindi and Islamabad for passengers. For longer journeys the bus stays after every 2 hours or 2.5 hours for 20 minutes. Due to quick rise in fuel prices the fare changes. But this change is not as quick as the fuel price.

The inquiry number for Daewoo service is 111-007-008 with relevant city codes. Sammi Daewoo bus service operates from all the major cities in Pakistan. Online website provides the latest information like schedules, fares and address information.

Plus: Food quality is good. Staff is cooperative. Journey is safe. Helpline is accessible. Cargo service available. Always in time.

Negative: Fare is high, Stops at toll plaza, Terminal far from other bus terminals.

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