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 A long time ago, a premature bank was established on 12th February 1980 which was known as The Saudi American Bank or can say Samba, they had acquired Citi Bank branches in Riyadh and Jeddah with the harmony of Saudi notification agenda, according to this agenda the Saudi nationals will acquire at least 60% ownership of all the affiliated foreign banks. Shaukat Aziz, the Prime Minister of Pakistan was the Managing Director of the bank when Citigroup entered a Technical Management Agreement, according to which they will establish a new-fangled bank. Samba Financial Group of Saudi Arabia owned Commercial Bank Limited or Samba Bank Limited and has 80.68% shares in Samba Bank Limited.


As by providing superior class products and services bank aims to be the victor of customer business and to become the broker bank in Pakistan. For progress they are paying more attention on corporate, capital market franchise, consumer and investment banking.  At present their main concentration is to enhance the quality of products and services across the corporate, consumer and global market. Private banking, transactional service and wealth management are also the center of attention. Samba has been rated A+ to A- as a long term and as a short term its been rated A-1 (A-one) by JCR-VIS Credit Rating Agency Ltd and view point on the assigned rating is Stable. This rating executes the noteworthy performances attempted by the bank.


Samba has introduced a vast variety of products which includes NRP Dubai, Samba Internet, Samba Cash Now, Life Insurance, Samba Phone, Home Insurance, Samba ATM, Samba Inter Bank Funds Transfer, Samba Break Free and Samba ATM and Cash Insurance. Through the Current Account offer of the bank the client can hatch money with easy and non stop access.


For the future Samba has vision to grow internationally by making brilliant efforts as it wants to be recognized amongst the world class banks and to provide best services to the clients across market around the world. For over 20 years the bank has established its presence in the United Kingdom and has launched more branches in UAE, Qatar, Pakistan and so on, the franchises in these states are named as Samba KSA, Samba UK, Samba Dubai and Samba Qatar. The bank has successfully transformed itself from being Saudi’s Premier bank into an international financial service by making valuable presence in Middle East, South Asia and Europe.

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