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Saidpur Village

Saidpur Village

Saidpur Village is a Mughal era village on the slopes of the Margalla Hills and located off the hill Road to the east of Daman-e- Koh in Islamabad. Saidpur is the village which has seen multi civilizations many color and fragrances including Gandhara, Greek, Buddhist Fugal, Asoka and the British regime. Saidpur was considered a garden resort and perpetual spring providing water for drinking and for watering gardens during the Mughal period.

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The village was converted into palace of Hindu temple by Raja Man Singh a Hindu commander; He also constructed a number of small ponds. The region is home to many Hindu temples that have been preserved, showing the history of Hindu civilization and architecture in the region. Saidpur is named after Sultan Said Khan son of Sultan Sarang Khan the Gakhar chief of the Potohar region (who ruled from Attock to Jhelum) during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Babar. Said Khan gifted saidpur village to his daughter who was married to Mughal emperor Jahangir son of Mughal Emperor Akbar Jahangir’s memoir, Tuzk-e-Jahangir mentions him residing at a place beyond Rawalpindi on his way to Kabul which is believed to be Saidpur

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. In 2006 the Capital Development Authority initiated the village re modeling to aim providing the visitors with the glimpses of multi cultural heritage flourishing under the Margalla Hills and completed the re modeling in 2008 for tourist attraction giving it the look and the feel of a quaint village. The key changes that have come about include the re-doing of the cleaning of a stream running through the village and giving the mud houses a facelift.

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Attraction and tourism:

The village reflects the traditional ambience, the temple the stones used on the walls the stacks of hay, the horse drawn carts and everything else depicts the history of Pothohar region.

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In addition to attract the visitors CDA preserved the old school Building, Preserved old Sufi tomb, Preserved Hindu temple and Gurdwara, Nomad Art Gallery, artistically restaurant and cafes. Saidpur village is one of the major tourist attractions of the Islamabad. The village represents signs of contrasted culture where Muslim, Hindus, Sikhs, used to live together. After remodeling of this village many restaurants art galleries and antique shops are also established there. Des Pardes, The Polo lounge, Cafe99 and Tirah restaurant are some famous restaurants in Saidpur village. You can also visit the small museum which is decorated with pictures and other stuff related to saidpur.

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