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Sadeqain was a great art legend and was famous for his tremendous painting and calligraphy skills. Sadeqain’s full name was Syed Sadeqain Ahmed Naqwi and was born in the year 1930 in the city of Amroha. He made fantastic efforts in the field of art and so received many honorable awards from the government of Pakistan. His life was based on and all his art was self-inspired.

His ideas were far different from ideas of other famous artists and he was a genius. He first showed his inner talent in 1954 when he arranged his first solo exhibition. At that time the talent of Sadeqain came in front of people of the world.

All his capabilities of art were inherited as he belonged to a family of Calligraphers. Like other artists, his initial stages in this field were not that good until the lovers of art appreciated it and after that his artwork came to prominence. Due to Sadeqain, calligraphy also became a mainstream art of Pakistan because no previous artists took this art to that dominance level. Moreover, he also practiced classical literature which reflected lyricism and realism. Sadeqain received five honorable awards, Tamgha-e-imtiaz in 1960, Biennale de Paris in 1961 by the government of France, President’s Medal of Honor in the year 1962, Cultural award in 1975 by the government of Australia and in 1980 he received Sitara-e-imtiaz by the government of Pakistan. It is a great honor for a person to receive 3 awards in a row.

After he got the perfect support, he started working independently and gave those masterpieces which are appreciated in all over the world till now. He gave a new name to the world of art in Pakistan and proved that art lives in this country. Sadeqain made these efforts with honesty and put his ideas in front of the world to show that no world glamour can stop his talent from getting prominent. His calligraphy kept simplicity inside and attracted all the art lovers to it. The amazing fact is that he was only thirty years old when he received his first award.

Sadeqain was an artist who had no attraction towards money. He was hard working and he always kept gifting his artworks rather than selling them to rich people. He gifted thousands of his paintings and if some were stolen, then he never bothered about it. Realism was the main element that a person could see in his masterpieces. He was far away from that artwork which only identified fairytales and other such things related to fantasy.  His style of calligraphy earned the respect of people of that time, but now his style is pirated in all over Pakistan.

Sadeqain always appreciated difficult lifestyle and those people who are living tough lives. All that inspired him and became the main theme of his artwork. His concepts were different from the concepts of other artists. His career was untiring and did all this work with continuity without greed for money. He was a seeker of appreciation and that was the only thing which made him happy. His paintings were also inspired by the poetic verses of different renowned poets like Faiz, Iqbal and Ghalib. His murals kept his great ideas and concepts in them. This great calligrapher and artist died on 10th February 1987. His death gave a great setback to the Pakistani world of art.

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