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Sachal Sarmast

Sachal Sarmast

A well-known Sufi poet from Sindh, Sachal Sarmast was born in Daraza which is next to Ranipur, Sindh. He was born in the year 1739. Abdul Wahab Farouqi was his authentic name but was known by his nicknames “Sachal” or “Sachoo”. In Sindhi Sachu means truthful where as Sarmast means mystic in Sindhi and the literally meaning of Sachal Sarmast in Urdu is “truthful mystic” or can be interpreted as Ecstatic Saint of Truth. He has also used his nickname Sachu in many of his poetries. Abdul Wahab was brought up by his uncle as his father died when he was quiet young. His uncle even became his spiritual master. He was married to a young girl who died after two years and then he never got married again.

hazrat sachal sarmast

He was a very noble person and led a very modest and austere life. He prefers being alone, as he was very simple he mostly prefer daal and yogurt in his meal. He never left Daraza, the village which is his birth place. Sachal Sarmast knows almost seven languages and has been regarded as “Shair-e-Haft Zaban” means the poet of seven languages. He addresses the wider audience in the following languages Arabic, Persian, Sindhi, Punjabi, Balochi and Urdu. Through his poetry he spreads the message of love for humanity. His poetry has been admired by many people and has been sung by several local singers in Saraiki and Sindhi. One of the Sachal saying is


There is no other Beloved,
There is only what I see everyday!
I was sitting by the roadside,
When the path became clear to me;
In the palace the Beloved I saw,
a glimpse the Beauty gave;
Through the window was the vision,
a glimpse the Beauty saw;
Take care of the ignorant;
Our bond was made for a reason.
I truly recognized the Lord,
My companion He sure became;
‘He is the Creator of all
and intrinsic to all’,
All doubts in this perished;
With happiness shall I carry
Sisters, if your trust I have.
All the journeys, all the manifestations
The Dear One’s own;
Friend ‘Sachal’ know this correctly,
Slumber has created illusions.
Sachal regarded love as the path to spirituality:
‘Tis not in religion I believe
‘Tis love I live in.
When love comes to you.
Say Amen!
‘Tis not with the infidel
that love resides

Nor with the faithful.


His shrine is located in the village of Daraza near Ranipur, Khairpur District, Pakistan and was died in 1829. He was a passionate disciple of “Wahdat-ul-Wujood” means unity of existence which is an Islamic Philosophy identical to Hamah Oost.  Many writers wrote on the lifestyle of Sachal Sarmast in different languages.

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