Thursday , 22 February 2018
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Rural Study

Rural Study

Pakistan is a blessed country with rich and fertile land packed with many natural resources, rivers and perfect weather conditions.

Amid the difficult developmental situations, the rural areas of Pakistan are still driving hard for the educational development in the country. Despite the lack of resources for rural study and teaching schools, the aims of Pakistani people are high to give their younger generation a bright, educated Pakistan.

Though, schools in rural areas are very much different from the elite schools in the city regions, but with their enthusiasm and the quest of learning, the Pakistanis in rural areas have made them a better place where their children can come and learn. In most of the rural teaching schools, there is no uniform and basic facilities for running an educational institution, but these schools are striving hard in delivering education to the poor children, who cannot afford to get paid education.

The children of rural areas in Pakistan go to the schools where they are taught modern course and Islamic teachings. With their brighter vision for the better future of Pakistan, children of both sex taught with equal concentration. In the rural schools, the children are provided with the exposure of modern education, so that they can survive with the modern world and can contribute in building of a better society.

The rural schools in Pakistan are trying their level best to set up a good standard of education equipped with modern and scientific learning along with Islamic education. In spite of being deprived of the basic necessities and the facilities at rural schools, Pakistanis are looking forward to elevate the education in the country with their sincere aspiration and desire to be a happy and prosperous nation.

In order to establish high standard education system in rural areas, many educational institutions are taking progressive steps focusing on education adopting modern ways keeping in view the Islamic values and ethics. Through the provision of basic education in both male and female children, the main aim of Pakistan is character building of new generation through education and training. By proper learning in right direction, the children of rural areas are making their future brighter.

With their love for gaining knowledge and education, soon, the children of rural areas will also enjoy the schools which are no less than the classy educational institutions in leading cities. Their dream will be fulfilled and the morning will come when the children will be dressed-up in neat and tidy uniforms in a well-equipped and facilitated rural school building where highly-qualified teachers will provide them professional training.


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