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Resolution Day

Resolution Day

Also termed as “Republic Day” and “Pakistan day”, the “Resolution Day” is all about commemorating “Qarardad e Lahore” or “Pakistan Resolution” which was an official manifest of All India Muslim Leaguepresented by A.K.Fazal ul Haq on 23rd March 1940.

The manifest aimed for Muslim Autonomy (in the regions where Muslim population was dominating) under British Indian rule. This was expounded as a demand for ‘Pakistan’ a term proposed by Chaudary Rehmat Ali for separate Muslim state comprising regions with dominant Muslim populations.  

Pakistan Resolution was an outcome of three day session conducted All India Muslim League during 22nd March and 24th March 1940, at (the then) Minto Park (now Iqbal Park). It was addressed and sponsored by Nawab Sir Shah Nawaz Mamdot (then President of All India Muslim League, Punjab). There in a speech Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah addressed and focused the “Two Nation Theory” which strengthened and ultimately led to the demand for a separate Muslim homeland called Pakistan. The text in the resolution clearly emphasized the creation of an independent Muslim state and discarded the concept of unified India on the basis of extreme communal and religious violence occurring against Muslims.
It was declared in the resolution that:

There will be no acceptance and execution of any constitutional plan to the Muslims till geographical contiguous units are delineated into regions according to essential re-adjustments. The areas in which Muslim population is dominating e.g. North-Western and Eastern zones of India should be grouped and formed into independent states in which all constituent units will be holding the scepter and autonomous.

It also emphasized to safeguard political, economical, cultural, religious and other rights of minorities residing in the newly formed autonomous regions and constitutional units at best.

As this resolution was the need and choice of the hour Muslims of British India followed it with true spirit. In the end the outcome was none other than the creation of Pakistan, a separate homeland and breathing space for Muslims where they can live according to their social, cultural, and religious norms along with tolerance for minority.

To commemorate this historic Pakistan Resolution Field Marshal Ayub Khan during his presidency declared 23rd March a national holiday to celebrate as “Pakistan Resolution/Republic Day”. Now the Resolution Day is passed with spirit. A full military parade is used to conduct in Pakistani Capital in Islamabad in front of President of Pakistan and other government and military officials. After the parade, the President of Pakistan distributes national awards and medals inside presidency to those who have contributions for country. The contingents of Pakistan Army, Air force also lay wreaths and offer Fateha to mausoleums of Muhammad Iqbaland Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Pakistani flags are hoisted not only in all government building but also by Pakistani Nationals in the roof tops of their houses to pay homage. One can also witness the flair for resolution day as Pakistani flag is also hoisted in public transport e.g. vans, rickshaws, cars etc. People wear badges and Children also decorate their bicycles with Pakistan flags and emblems.

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