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          Pakistan is the country that gave birth to many folk and sufi singers. Reshma is one of those folk singers of Pakistan. Not just in Pakistan but she is very popular in many countries especially in India. Reshma was born  in Bikaner a small village in Rajasthan. She belonged to a gypsy family. Her family soon after the partition of Indian migrated to Karachi, Pakistan. Her tribe was converted to Islam. She does not know her exact date of birth but she says that she was told that she was a baby of few months when she was brought to Pakistan in 1947. She could not get any formal education because there was no concept of education in her family. She spent much of her childhood singing at the mazars (shrine) of the saints of the Sindh.

Twelve years old Reshma was spotted at the shrine of Shahbaz Qalander while singing by television. After that, a radio producer asked her to sing “Laal Meri” for the Radio of Pakistan. This recording became the super hit and since then Reshma is one of the great and famous folk singers. In the 1960’s she appeared on television and record many songs for Pakistan film industry. She also record some songs for Indian film industry and one of her very famous song is “Lambi Judai” that she sang for an Indian film. She gave her live performances in Pakistan and abroad. She also performed live in India. Reshma also performed at Brunei Gallery of London in October 2002. In 2004, Reshma recorded a song “Ashkan Di Gali Wich Mukaam Dy Gea”. This song remained in top ten in Indian chart. Some of her all times famous songs are “Dama Dam Mast Qalandar”, “Hai O Rabba Nahi O Lagda Dil Mera”, “Way Mein Chori Chori”, “Akhiyan Nu Rehen Dy Akhiyaan Dy Kol Kol” and “Sun Charkhy Di Meethi eethi Cook”. She was also invited by the Indian Prime Minister Indra Gandhi to meet. She was also awarded by the Sitara-e-Imtiaz by Pakistan Government.


Reshman still loves to visit the shrines of saints. Her daughters also sing and her younger sister Kaneez Reshma is also a professional singer. She lives in Icchra, Lahore. Her health is deteriorating day by day. She cannot sing anymore because her voice has been lost due to illness. She was diagnosed with cancer in 1980’s. Currently Reshma is hospitalized in Lahore at Doctors Hospital.

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