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Rawal Lake

Rawal Lake

Rawal Lake History

Rawal Lake is located in the outside of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, it is considered to be a paradise on earth due to its attractive view that one must not miss. It is an artificial reservoir of Pakistan that fulfills the water demand for the citizen of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. This artificial lake covers an area of 8.8 sq km. it is located within isolate section of the Margalla Hills National Park. lake view park


It is considered one of the best places for boating, sailing, kayaking, bird watching, fishing, picnicking, hiking or enjoying and relaxing with friends or family members. The lake has a view of flowering trees, beautiful blooms, and green grass which adds exquisite scrutiny to the lake. In the west of this lake is Islamabad Club, which offers different sporting facilities. This lake offers various sports activities like fishing, boating, canoeing, rowing, sailing, There are also two different train tracks, one for a car shaped carriage train, and other for a train with five colorful cartoon carriage carts. Further offers are the scores of different token rides and a merry go rounds for little children who add to the colors and activities in the beautiful setup with a self service theme café by the name Café Traxx which serves feasts of fast foods and drinks that kid and adults love to take.

Rawal lake bani gala


Lake view Park is huge thus making difficult for the old ones and the children to travel it on foot. Keeping in mind about the needs of these people there is a bus service in Lake view Park. People move around all across the park in it and enjoy all amusements. Lake View Park is the only park in federal capital where the visitors can enjoy boating. Motorized as well as manual water boats are available in the park. People often come here just for boating. No doubt it is just boating which makes this park special for its visitors.

lake view park

Lake view Park is a place where you can relax in an informal setting of cozy sitting arrangement and enjoy magical moments of heavenly reflections in the water with family and friends in scenic atmosphere, from the range of contemporary food and drinks to traditional flavors and excellent atmosphere. The place has everything that can keep you captivated and coming back over and over again.

rawal_lake_aerial view

rawal lake whole view


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