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Rasm-e-Mehndi or Rasm e Hina and all the practices and customs involved in a Punjabi wedding overflow with the richness of culture. The liveliness and merriment of a Punjabi wedding makes it different from weddings of other culture and this unique celebration can only be enjoyed in weddings of Punjab.


Mehndi Stage

Experience from every moment of these weddings is joyful. Well! You must have attended at least one Punjabi wedding in your life and if haven’t then you’ve missed the most cheerful moments of your life. The best thing about these weddings is that everyone can take part in them.

mehndi rasm

Mehndi in a Glimpse


The whole ceremony begins with a Dholki event at the start. In Punjab this is usually known as Punjabi Dholak Geet in which Punjabi folk songs are sung on the beat of Dholki by female relatives of Bride or Groom separately. The lyrics of these traditional songs are somewhat funny and add more fun to the whole Punjabi ceremony.


mehndi bangles

Bangles for Wedding

Usually jokes about bride’s in –laws are included in the songs. After Dholki, Rasm-e-Mehndi takes place. Traditional yellow-colored dress is worn by bride and on groom’s side men wear simple Kurtas and Mehndi is applied by all the relatives on their hands. This ceremony covers all the singing and dancing of this event and everyone form a little child to an adult person gets involved in this celebration.


Mehndi ceremony is then followed by Barat Ceremony which is held between relatives from both sides; Bride and Groom. In this event all relatives from Groom’s side make way to The Bride’s home. First of all registration of Nikah Nama is done and after this, other Rasams are taken out. On wedding day the rasam of Doodh pilai is real essence of the day in which all the cousins from bride’s side present milk in a decorated glass to groom and receive gifts and money from him.

mehndi function

Friends entering with Dhol & Bhangra

To add more fun to Barat ceremony ‘Aatish Bazi’ is done by male members and the whole scene at that time becomes traditionally colorful. Other cultural Rasams include Rasta rukwai and other fun activities which make a Punjabi wedding lively and merriment of joy. After Barat, Valima ceremony is held which is considered as a formal ceremony.

Mashriqi Mehndi Bride

Mashriqi Mehndi Bride

In Punjabi’s after fourth day of wedding Chauthi is organized. Here at this occasion bride leaves her parent’s home. When she comes to her husband’s home her mother-in-law gifts her something for her entrance as a bride for the first time. Punjabis never compromise on their traditions and so a Punjabi ceremony is worth-attending. Punjabis never compromise on their traditions and so a Punjabi ceremony is worth-attending.


mehendi bride

Beautiful Mehndi Bride

Mehndi on Hands

Mehndi on Hands


Glorious Henna Dulhan




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