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Ras Malai

Ras Malai

Ras Malai is one of  traditional sweet dishs originated in India. The desert Ras Malai is very famous in sub continent. People in India and Pakistan call it Ras Malai and people from Bangladesh call it Rosh Malai. The word Ras Malai is made up of two word “Ras” and “Malai”. Meaning of word “Ras” is juice and meanings of “Malai” are cream.

Ras Malai is a white colored desert mostly served after meals and it is presented on the different festivals like Eid, Marriage and other cultural customs. It is also served on the domestic events like birthday parties, weddings and personal get together. Ras Malai as its name reflects is very soft and gets dissolved in the mouth. Ras Malai is very much similar to another popular desert called Rasgulla. But the difference between two deserts is that Rasgullas are made up of sugar syrup and while Ras Malai is prepared in the sweet milk and is more soft then the Rasgullas.

ras malai a sweet

Ras Malai can be prepared with the different ingredients and shapes. As some people make it round or oval in the shape while others prefer to make it as flattened balls. Ras Malai can be made up of Paneer (cheese) that is soaked in Malai (clotted cream) with the essence of cardamom. However, most of the people prefer to make it with the milk powder. Sweetness of Ras Malai comes from its syrup that is made up of milk and sugar.

Two steps will have to follow in making of Ras Malai. In one step dough would be prepared and in other step sweet syrup would be arranged. Dough of Ras Malai would be prepared from powdered milk, egg, bit of oil and baking powder. Required ingredients of Ras Malai syrup are milk, sugar, green cardamom and kewra. To garnish the desert chopped pistachios and almonds can be used. For dough making all the ingredients of dough would be mixed together well and then as per required shape and size the form of balls would be given to it. For the sweet syrup, milk would be boiled with the sugar and cardamom seeds in it. The malai balls would be added in the milk when it starts boiling until balls start to swell up then these balls would be cooked for next 10 minutes on a lower heat. Before removing the dish from heat, kewra essence would be added up. For garnish, chopped pistachios and almonds would be sprinkled on it. It would be served as a chilled sweet dish.

ras malai serving

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