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Ralliart Work

Ralliart Work

Rallis are made with remarkable artwork done on them. These art pieces created by the women of Sindh side consist of beautiful patterns and creative designs. Creativity is something, which is always present in every human being and so in the women of Sindh. Rallis are made with a lot of hard work and creativity. It is one of the cottage Industries of Pakistan so it must be said that a proper source of earning for the women of Sindh. These colorful quilts are a delight for one’s eyes and the beautiful patchwork reflects the culture of Sindh.

Not only Sindhi’s, but people of other customs and traditions also appreciate this beautiful Ralli art work. To create elegant designs only pieces of cloths are required and then these pieces are converted into these beautiful quilt patterns. The work of this quilt making is being done for about thousands of years by women and now this art work is gaining international recognition. Rallis can be found in every house of Sindh because it has become a cultural heritage of Sindh. Rallis can also be used as wall hangings apart from using them as quilts.

Mostly abstract patterns are made with pieces of clothes, but you can also find other normal objects made with them. These objects include flowers, ducks, leaves and other such objects. If we look at the history of this art work, then we will get to know that this work is as old as South-Asian history. Well! It is difficult to say that if this work was done in same way in old days, but the product was the same. The word Ralli is derived from a local word “Ralanna” which means to connect or mix.

Now, Ralli art work is done on large scale. Usually women of urban areas provide these women with patterns and the materials required and in this way the women of rural areas earn their proper living. Rallis are usually of three types: embroidery, patchwork and appliqué. Apart from quilts and wall hangings, Rallis can also be used as table cloth, bed sheets, and cushion covers. The beautiful pieces of Ralli art work are also placed in different local as well as international exhibitions. Even articles related to this art work are published in American quilting magazines. An article about Ralli quilt work was published in the book Quilted Planet which was written by Celia Eddy, an English author.

It depends on the color of cloth provided, but the traditional one usually consists of basic seven colors which are yellow, black, red, green, purple, blue and white. Ralli work can also be done with only two colors, but the delight of seven colors is somewhat different.

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