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Raja Muhammad Sarwar Shaheed

Raja Muhammad Sarwar Shaheed

Raja Muhammad Sarwar Shaheed was born in Tehsil Gujar Khan’s Shingori village (on 27th July 1910) inRawalpindi district of Punjab Province, Pakistan. He was commissioned in Punjab Regiment during 1944 and was serving as captain in newly formed Pakistan Army after British partition of Indo Pak subcontinent.

Soon after the creation of Pakistan the arch rival (India) started to implement its evil designs against Pakistan. When majority of Kashmiris unanimously voted in favor of joining Pakistan instead of India the Indian army started a build up in Kashmir. By February 1948 the Indians had stationed five brigades under two full division Headquarters. The Indians started offensives along three remote axis including Uri-Muzaffarabad Bhimber-Mirpur-Poonch and Muzaffarabad-Kohala axis. These derogatory acts left no choice for Pakistan except to defend its rights.

The patriotic Muhammad Sarwar also joined a Pakistani Army Battalion oriented to repulse Indian invasion of Kashmir as the then Governor General and founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah ordered officials of Pakistani Armed Forces to give enemy a slap for challenging Pakistan.
The Uri sector was strongly fortified by enemy. Their heavy guns were consistently opening mouths to inflict heavy casualties to Pakistani Army. Also it was mountain warfare with enemy positions at the top. Raja Muhammad Sarwar Shaheed was posted as a Company Commander of the 2nd Battalion of the Punjab Regiment there.

During skirmish he soon realized that his men required a way to pass along an enemy barrier fortified with a barbed wire. Filled with spirit of Jihad and also as a commander ready to set an example for his subordinates Raja Muhammad Sarwar Shaheed took a charge on his own. Facing heavy machine gun, grenades and mortar fire from enemy he slowly and steadily advanced towards the enemy barrier. He fired at enemy and managed to cut a barrier to pave a way for his remaining unit to penetrate deep into enemy in order to decimate them. However during this courageous act his chest was riddled by enemy bullets. But he did his job by leading from the front. His regiment penetrated and stopped the enemy’s fire forever. They captured that vital post.

To pay honor to the brave act and great example set by him as commander, Pakistan Army awarded the martyred Raja Muhammad Sarwar Shaheed with “Nishan e Haider” the highest military award.

There is also a college named after him in his native town.


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