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Race Course Park

Race Course Park

Most of the spectacular gardens of the country are situated in the city of Lahore. Race Course Park also known as ‘Jilani Park’ lies in the boundary of Lahore. The park is known for the enchanting scenes it offers. People from far places come here to enjoy the beautiful natural atmosphere. Artificial waterfalls also have their own value in this space. Race Course Park is located on the Jail road, on the opposite side of Services Hospital. The park is a real family park and presents various activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Race Course Park also serves as a venue for polo competitions. Polo played here, is more like the polo played by Prince of Wales in the traditional Windsor. The park offers a great sight when spring festivals take place. Race Course Park, at that time becomes worth seeing and the crowd there looks huge. This hustle and bustle is always present all year but it must be said that ‘if you are planning to visit it, then come here at spring time’.

Well! Race Course Park is more than just a park. There are skating rinks here and other gaming accommodations can also be found at this place. Other than polo, the park also serves as a cricket play ground. Almost every kind of events and festivals are held here to make one’s visit well. Race Course Park is good for jogging and strolling and people often visit this place for getting a suitable natural atmosphere. The floral exhibitions are also worth seeing. A beautiful lake can also be found there which make the park look more attractive.

One can get all the necessities he needs from this park. Moreover, the park is always visited by those foreign tourists who visit Lahore to spend their vacations. The whole Race Course Park is a perfect family park and offers you everything with a soothing atmosphere. Almost every kind of sport activity can be done here. The place is often visited by people of Lahore and is among one of such places that must be visited by every Pakistani.

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