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If you were born in somewhere between 1970’s to 80’s, spent childhood in these years, went to school, park or at picnic with your family in summers, then you must have remembered the bell which took you out of home, when its break time in school or at off time your there would be lot of Thela’s selling different things outside, and in summers when you go outside you always looked for it, The Bell sounds like Tan Tan Tan, yes it is Qulfi wala, yummy isn’t it?


Qulfi, the most popular and most demanding item during summer especially and it is one of those items which in every age of life man enjoyed to have.

Qulfi is basically a cold sweet in Subcontinent region of Pakistan and India; people of these regions name it as their regional ice cream, Ice cream or sweet doesn’t matter because having cold Qulfi do not let you bother about it.

This simple, tasteful ice cream from Region is made by boiling milk. Qulfi is conventionally set in cone-shaped


Qulfi was conventionally made by evaporating sweet and enhanced milk via slow cooking, with practically nonstop mixing to keep milk from sticking to the base of the container where it might burn, until the volume remains the half and is thicker so the fat is increased. Due to caramelization of sugar and lactose in lengthy boiling process, it gets a distinctive taste. Then this semi condensed milk is poured in cone shaped moulds, mixed with ice and salt so that it can be frozen quickly. There are especially designed Matkas used by Asians to keep it until it is frozen and ready to serve. This kind of Qulfi is known as Matka Qulfi.


Recently there is an easy way to make Qulfi and that is with the help of powder milk, it is an easy exercise rather than boiling milk and keeping an eye on it, people use powder. Another way for making Qulfi is to use condensed milk and double cream if you add sugar and just boil it for few minutes then essences, dry fruits, cardamoms are added and freeze it in a custard bowl with the base of cardamoms and pistachio. The mouth watering Qulfi is ready.


It is decorated with crushed cardamom, saffron, or pistachio. Falooda Qulfi is also available and it is also very popular in some regions.

Conventionally in Pakistan, Qulfi is retailed by hawkers called Qulfiwala who retain the Qulfi cold by placing the molds inside a large Matka, filled with ice and salt. Normally it is served on Stick but some people serve it on leaves too. Common tastes contain pistachio, mango, vanilla, and rose syrup.

If you are having Summers then go out and look for Qulfiwaala and enjoy Qulfi.

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