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Qehwa Khana

Qehwa Khana

Qehwa, usually known as green tea is a traditional drink of Peshawar. People love to take it after having spicy meals. Qehwa Khana is a popular place of Peshawar where people come to enjoy the soothing taste of Qehwa. It is one of the most popular places of Peshawar. The relieving taste of Qehwa of Peshawar is loved by all.

The taste of Peshawri Qehwa found in Qehwa Khana is far different from the Qehwa made in homes and due to this reason Peshawri people most commonly Peshawri males visit the place frequently to enjoy their cultural drink.

The place is quite old and the recipes are also a part of Peshawar’s cultural food recipes. Peshawri men spend their leisure time at a Qehwa Khana talking to other men and sipping the soothing tea at the same time. These conventional Qehwa khanas are designed according to the cultural demand and the atmosphere there is enjoyable. The cook pours hot Qehwa in traditional green cups and serves it to visitors of that place. These Qehwa Khanas are a cultural heritage of Pakistan and visitors from other cities and countries always visit this place when visiting Peshawar. People who come for business purposes also frequently visit this place.

Qehwa Khanas are decorated with large jars commonly known as brass samovars. These shops also offer Hookas which are enjoyed after or before having green tea. The tea is mostly served in green china teapots. These places are quite congested but the environment there is enjoyable. Qehwa Khana is great entertainment place for the people of Peshawar. These shops have now become a part of our culture and objects associated with these Qehwa khanas are placed in different exhibitions of the world including Qehwa itself. The tradition of drinking Qehwa in a Qehwa Khana is quite old and now it has become a part of Peshawri culture. Qehwa Khana is more like coffee shops of European countries but the cultural difference makes Qehwa Khanas better. Due to this, foreign tourists love to visit these shops to enjoy the taste of Peshawri Qehwa and dense Pakistani culture.

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