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Qasim Fort Karachi

Qasim Fort Karachi

Qasim fort is one the beautiful places in Karachi. It is very old before the independence of Pakistan. It exceeds the beauty of Karachi. It is one of the favorite places of the people. There are many famous places around Qasim Fort.

View of Qasim Fort

It has beautiful blue colored water. Which looks amazing and which you have never seen before. The beauty of the fort attracts you to visit the fort again and again. There are many ships in the fort. There is MSA (Meridian shipping Agency) ship in the fort. It is a beautiful sea which you have always watched in movies and on television.

View of the sea

It is a very large and beautiful sea. It contains all the animals of the sea. People used to dive in the sea to explore the things related to sea animals or sea plants. If you dive in the sea you will find the beauty of the sea which is breath-taking because plants of the sea, fish, lobsters, sea horse and other animals looks amazing because you have never seen them before in your life and in reality. You can feel that the life in the sea is totally different but it’s amazing and out of this world.

Picnic Spot

If you visit Karachi then your tour would not be complete without going to the Qasim Fort. People go there to enjoy with family and friends. It is always crowded with the people of Karachi. Most of the time people arrange Barbeque at night on the fort and it looks amazing. You can also do riding on the horse when you are on the beach of Qasim Fort. People arrange picnics and many school and college trips visit Qasim Fort.

Other Qualities

There is a lighthouse on Qasim Fort which is very tall. The fort has very old cannon but it is never been used until now. It was placed in old times in 80’s when Bin Qasim was alive. There is also a large and tall tower of Bin Qasim around the Qasim fort. Qasim Fort is a place which one should visit once in a lifetime.


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