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Punnu Fort

Punnu Fort

There are several forts built in history by many Mughal Emperors. Punnu Fort is an example of these. The remaining of this fort are located in Turbat at the distance of 15 km. Turbat is the city situated in the northern part of Balochistan. This fort could date back to 6000-8000 BC according to the analysis of some archeologists. The popularity of this fort is mainly due to its local prince “Punnu” who was the port of “Saassi Punnu” romance which is quiet popular in Sindh and Makran even after thousands of years have been passed but the popularity of Sassi and Punnu is the same.


In Sindh and Balochistan the love story of Saasi and Punnu is among the seven popular tragic romances. This love story is not only famous in these areas but in all over the world. This fort is small and is made of mud and stones. The fort encompasses some vantage spots from where one can witness Turbat plains to the Makran mountain ranges. This place is also considered as an ideal picnic spot but in good weather as the fort is surrounded by trees of dates on a large ground. This fort more looks like a mud peak that is bordered by a shelter of palm trees and meadows. Numerous Archeologists had revealed skeleton and graves in this area.


The Punnu Fort is also famous as Meri-e-kalakech as this point is very famous for a love story of “Sassi Punnu”. Punnu was basically the prince of Hoth and the remaining of Hoth can still be witnessed near the area of Turbat where as Sassi the lady in this romantic story was his beloved.  This love story of both Sassi and Punnu has been written in almost all local languages and is admired by everyone.

The population of this area is minute even though the people here are very generous. Local people and tourists enjoy this place as a picnic point due to its large area. The land is covered with green and smooth grass.  We must visit these places to have an idea about these places and the reason of their existence. On your way to Balochistan do visit this fort its worth seeing.


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